Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Closer ties with Castro, Cuba?

Not long after my muse and I returned from Puerto Rico, a couple of other Americans have visited a Caribbean island. Only in this case, the visitors are coming from Congress, and the island ... well, let's just say this one's a little harder for your average American to get to than Puerto Rico.
Delegates from the Congressional Black Caucus met with ex-Cuban leader Fidel Castro this week, following up a meeting of six caucus members with the country's current head, Fidel's brother Raul.
This was the highest-profile meeting between Fidel and American politicians in some time. The AP reported that "among the last U.S. officials to see (Fidel Castro)" were the governors of Nebraska and Louisiana, who met in 2005 with the Maximum Leader for trade talks.
Something tells me they won't be singing "Guantanamera" anytime soon in the Oval Office ... but President Obama seems more lenient toward the island nation than his predecessor ever did.
"Obama has ordered an assessment of U.S. policy toward the communist nation and some members of Congress are pushing to lift a ban on Americans visiting the island," the AP reported.
So will the NYT someday pitch trips to Cuba as eagerly as it does excursions to its Communist counterpart Vietnam? We'll see...

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