Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barack Obama World Tour 2009

Obama World Tour, originally uploaded by rbtenorio.

Look out, Jules Verne. President Barack Obama has done Phileas Fogg one better by going "Around the World in One Week" instead of 80 days. During that time, he gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod, called for a nuclear-free era, and bolstered US status in the Middle East. Read more in "The Devil Made Me Blog It"!


Lala said...

It's great to see our President reaching out to the rest of the planet--hey, we share the world after all! His outreach is very much appreciated in the US and abroad. And--it's a smart move for diplomacy AND the economy--opening up possible new markets!

don e. nelson said...

I am trying to get tickets for the:

2009: Stop Apologizing for America Tour.

I can't stand to wait until the tour comes to America.
Can Anyone help me.

Yankee Doodle