Friday, October 23, 2009

New book, Boston Comic Con and NPR appearance!

Busy couple of days, faithful readers. I've got a new book out, "The Devil and Sarah Palin," an illustrated look at the political career thus far of the 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee. It contains selections from my "Devil Made Me Blog It" strips plus previously unpublished material, chronicling Palin's path from John McCain's running mate to her resignation as governor of Alaska to her "Going Rogue" on death panels.
"The Devil and Sarah Palin" is on sale at three locations in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts:

I'll also be selling copies at the Boston Comic Con in the Back Bay this weekend.
And yes, that was me you heard talking about Boston's influences on budding writers on the NPR program "Radio Boston" today!

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carp said...

Ugh, Palin again? Who cares?

On another note. It really makes me giggle, as I never realized that the statue of liberty wears a toga.

Traditionally speaking, the only females who wore togas were prostitutes. Seems a fitting statement for our country.