Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Carolina Tomcat

Sanford Cartoon, originally uploaded by rbtenorio.

How low South Carolina has sunk. During the American Revolution, its most recognizable name was that of patriot guerrilla leader Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox." Today its most recognizable figure is infamous Gov. Mark Sanford, the "Carolina Tomcat," whose shameless exploits include a well-chronicled affair. Read more in the latest episode of "The Devil Made Me Blog It"!

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Lala said...

I enjoyed the cartoon but there's a big difference in this story and Edward's (which, by the way, received lots of media attention, forcing him out of the major race of his political career!): Sanford disappeared for a week while in office in a most irresponsible way, without leaving anyone in charge of S.C. And, he was repeatedly vocal when he voted to impeach Clinton for "breaking his oath" and lying to his wife and constituents.